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Aluminum-based circuit board double panel

o-leading o-leading.com 2019-01-07 14:54:46

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The aluminum-based circuit board double panel is made by a double-sided aluminum substrate combined with a double-sided printed board manufacturing process.

With the rapid development of LED lighting products, LED aluminum substrates have been applied in more and more fields, making the development of LED aluminum substrates soaring. In addition to the widespread use of single-sided aluminum substrates, double-sided aluminum substrates are also favored by LED lighting products.

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The lamination process of double-sided aluminum substrate is different from the lamination production of ordinary FR4 multi-layer board. It belongs to a special process. The main reason is that its laminated structure is different, mainly including aluminum substrate, both sides of aluminum substrate. The PP sheet and the FR4 sheet, the printed copper foil sheet are sequentially disposed, and the aluminum substrate, the PP sheet, the FR4 sheet, and the copper foil sheet are pressed together, and the copper foil sheets on both sides are connected through the PTH through holes. ( 4L Aluminum multilayer manufacturer china

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