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Advantages of UV-LED applied to PCB exposure equipment

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-10-11 15:38:40

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In recent years, UV-LED curing technology has been continuously developed, and the application field has been increasing. As a new energy source for energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction, the speed of UV-LED expansion is staggering. In the field of circuit board exposure, traditional mercury lamps have always been firmly in the dominance, but after the UV-LED entered the field of exposure, its dominance began to prevail.

The V-LED exposure machine uses a UV-LED ultraviolet light source in which an LED chip is used as an illuminant. At present, UV-LED exposure machine equipment is widely used in China's optoelectronic industry, and plays a decisive role. At present, the new exposure machine is equipped with the application of UV-LED cold light source curing machine, and has a precise double aspherical quartz lens to make the parallel half angle of light less than 2°. The line resolution can reach 50um/um (100um/um for ordinary machine). ). Moreover, no infrared heat radiation avoids the expansion and contraction effect of the film, ensures high fidelity quality of image transfer and hardly any light decay, which fully reflects the higher stability of the UV-LED light source in the manufacturing process. It not only improves the qualified rate of products, but also does not produce dirty ozone and is environmentally friendly. It is an ideal substitute for ordinary mercury lamp exposure machines used in PCB circuit board production.

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The superiority of UV-LED is embodied in the following aspects:

Frist,cold light source, no film expansion

1. The spectrum contains only pure UV light, no infrared and visible light; 2. There is no film expansion and contraction problem;

Two,parallel light, precise optical combination

1. Unilateral UV light output, no need to use reflector; 2. Balanced arrangement, no tilt angle error; 3. Precision optical combination to ensure parallel half angle ≤ 2 degrees; 4. LED point-by-point correction to ensure consistent luminous intensity Sex.

Three, scan back and forth, high uniformity

1. Scanning output UV light, can realize any size surface light source; 2. Fuzzy matrix arrangement technology to ensure high energy uniformity; 3. Modular light source structure can adjust the energy of each point arbitrarily, more convenient for maintenance.

Four,energy saving, emission reduction, and consumption reduction

1. Green environmental protection does not contain mercury and other heavy metal elements, changing the production environment;

2. Instant switch can be used immediately without preheating to improve production efficiency;

3. It can save up to 85% of electric energy without standby loss;

4. Long service life, more than 20,000 hours.

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