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Amazing! PCB has many unique advantages

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-05-16 15:46:49

PCB has been able to get more and more widely used, because it has a lot of unique advantages, as follows.

- Can be high density. For decades, the high density of PCB has evolved as the integration of integrated circuits improves and advances in installation technology.

- High reliability. Through a series of inspection, testing and aging tests can ensure that PCB can work reliably for a long time (usually 20 years).

- Designable. We can design standardization and normalization to do the PCB design, in order to meet a variety of PCB performance requirements.

- Productivity. Using modern management, production can be standardized, large-scale, automation, etc., and the consistency of product quality has also been guaranteed.

- Testability. The industry has established a relatively complete test methods, test standards and a variety of test equipment and instruments, in order to detect and identify PCB product eligibility and service life.

- Maintainability. As PCB products and various components assemblies are standardized production. So, once the system fails, it can be replaced quickly, conveniently and flexibly, and the system work can be quickly resumed.

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