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Brief introduction to PCB printed circuit board knowledge

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-07-25 13:10:38
The electronic devices we can almost see the PCB (oem pcb board manufacturer china) all cannot do without it, small electronic watches, calculators, general computer, large military weapon system, communication equipment, electronic computer, as long as there is no electronic devices such as integrated circuits, electrical interconnection between them to use PCB.

How was PCB made? When we open the universal computer's disk, we can see a flexible film (flexible insulating substrate) with a silver (silver paste) conductive pattern and a healthy pattern. Because the universal screen stencil method to get it, so we called the flexible printed circuit board silver paste the printed circuit board.

The production process of PCB (china Rigid-flexible pcb manufacturer) process is more complex, it involves a wide range, from simple mechanical processing to machining complex, common chemical and photochemical electrochemical thermochemical process, computer aided design CAM and other aspects of knowledge.

In the production process and process a lot of problems and will always meet new problems and some problems in unknown problems have disappeared, because of its production process is a non continuous line form, any link problems will lead to suspend production or a large number of discarded consequences, the printed circuit board (Printed circuit board supplier) can not be recovered again the use of scrap is if, process engineer working pressure, so many engineers left the industry to the printed circuit board equipment or materials sales and technical service work.