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PCB circuit board several major material division

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-14 10:37:03
Printed circuit board in china substrate according to the quality, material, fire rating can be divided into the following types:

94HB cardboard is the most common cardboard material, basically used to make low-grade single-sided, cheap. Because it does not have the role of flame retardant, for a series of power and other fire protection products can not be used.

94V0 cardboard has a flame retardant cardboard material, compared with 94HB cardboard material components added to the flame retardant.

22F single-sided composite substrate is single-sided semi-glass plate.

CEM-1 single-sided composite substrate requires the use of CNC drilling.

CEM-3 double-sided composite substrate is the lowest low-end double-panel material, are semi-glass fiber material.

FR-4 Epoxy glass fiberboard is the most commonly used PCB board material.
PCB circuit board fire rating, according to china pcb manufacture UL standards of substrate combustion characteristics can be divided into four categories from high to low, namely UL-94V0, UL-94V1, UL-94V2, UL-94HB.

Semi-cured film: for the production of multi-layer PCB board, pcb commonly used models have 1080,2116,7628 and other specifications.

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