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Is it possible to recycle PCB boards?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-07 10:18:45
PCB are present in most electronic devices found nowadays all around the world. While they brought incredible innovation, their recycling is also a problem.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) points out that some 40 million tons of electronic waste (including computers, mobile phones, printers, etc.) are produced every year. The prospect is that this amount will increase even more over time, as electronic devices with new functions and more attractive designs are constantly appearing, stimulating new purchases from the consumer without the old product being out of date.

Being present is most electronic devices, High Quality PCBs china, also known as PCBs, are among the most discarded parts. They are made up of a plastic board and fibrous materials (such as plastic polymers) and a thin film of metallic substance (copper, silver, gold or nickel). These films form “tracks” or “paths” that will be responsible for the electrical conduction done by the electronic components.

Recycling electronic waste is much needed, because of the chemical components in its composition, with some of them being toxic – they can cause problems if they are disposed of incorrectly. For PCBs specifically, their recycling process involves quite some steps.

Where to recycle? pcb board manufacturer china
If your computer and its PCBs are not broken but only technologically lagged, look for Small volume pcb manufacturer that accept donations of these items. You can also resell those components on the Internet, for example. However, and regardless of the final decision, always be sure that the final destination to be given to these materials is a proper one, always avoiding to harm the environment.