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Rapid manufacture circuit board method

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-08-14 14:05:02

With the continuous improvement of electronic communication technology, more and more traditional PCB manufacturing methods are far from enough to meet the rapid development of this era. It is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for circuit design engineers to make PCB boards with high accuracy, good performance and cost saving in real time.

There are many methods of making and processing circuit boards, but the main methods include physical method and chemical method.

Physical method: manually etch the unwanted copper off the PCB by using various cutting tools and power tools.

Chemical methods: most developers currently use the method of etching unnecessary copper in corrosive solutions by covering it with a protective layer. There are various methods to cover the protective layer, including the most traditional manual painting method, paste custom adhesive method, film photographic method and heat transfer printing PCB board method developed in recent years.

Paint by hand: paint with a brush or a hard pen on the blank copper clad sheet to draw the shape of the line by hand, dry after the solution can be put into direct corrosion.

Pasting adhesive: there are various kinds of adhesive in the market, which are made into strip and round sheet. Different adhesive can be combined on the blank circuit board according to the need.(Multilayer pcb manufacturer china

Film photosensitive: print PCB circuit board on the film via laser printer, preapply a layer of photosensitive material on the blank copper clad plate (there is already coated copper clad plate in the market), expose, develop, fix and clean in darkroom environment, then corrode in solution.