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Methods Of Reducing The Cost Of PCB

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-29 14:37:58
Do you kown how to reduce the cost of PCB? We came up with a simple guide on how to reduce PCB cost for Printed circuit board manufacture. And it is crucial to recall that the manufacturing cost of PCB depends on some factors that must be considered during the process of coming up with ant design.

Firstly, The size of the board is crucial. The cost of board is usually proportional to the size. This implies that smaller boards are cheaper than larger boards.

Using Surface-mount technology; SMT is a strategy of producing an electronic circuit where the components are mounted directly onto the Printed Circuit Board’s surface. Hence the cost of soldering the components into place is minimized thus the overall cost of the PCB is reduced.

Reducing component count, If the components on the PCB are very dense, then the routing on the board should have more details and more components will be used.

The cost of Printed Circuit Boards can be reduced by reducing the number of layers. These layers are made of alternating materials and are laminated together with adhesives and heat thus leading to a single product. These layers are FR4 (fiber glass), copper, solder mask and silkscreen.

Using NTHS, buried holes are more costly than NTHs since they have to be drilled at the junctions. Drilling is costly. So we recommend the use of NTHs rather than the others.

Lastly, the board’s slots and shapes matters to some of the Printed Circuit fabrication shops. They charge additional costs for any irregular shapes (the normal shapes are rectangles or squares). If the shape of the PCB is not crucial in your design, we recommend the adoption of the square or rectangular shapes so as to reduce the cost.

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