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Supporter of electronic component -PCB

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-07-03 22:13:24
Printed circuit board (PCB china Rigid-flexible pcb manufacturer), also known as printed circuit board (PCB), is the provider of electrical connections for electronic components. Its development has more than 100 years of history; its design is mainly layout design; the main advantage of using circuit boards is to greatly reduce wiring and assembly errors, improve the level of automation and production labor rate.

The printed circuit board, and printed circuit board, printed circuit board, referred to as the printed circuit board, English PCB (Printed circuit board supplier ) or PWB (printed wiring board), with an insulating board as base material, cut to size, which is at least a conductive pattern, and cloth with holes (such as holes, fastening hole element metal, etc.), to replace the previous hole device of electronic components of the chassis, and realize mutual connection between electronic components. Because this kind of board is made by electronic printing, it is called printed circuit board. The term "printed circuit board" is known as "printed circuit", because there is no printed component on the printed circuit board and only wiring.

The printed circuit board (apest PCB makers china)develops from single layer to double sided board, multilayer board and flexible board, and continuously develops toward the direction of high accuracy, high density and high reliability. Reduce the volume, reduce the cost and improve the performance, making the printed circuit board in the future development of electronic products, still maintain a strong vitality.