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PCB manufacturing masters these 4 points, allowing you to avoid 64% of product defects

2019-09-23 09:51:11
PCB production involves a series of complex and sophisticated manufacturing processes. As boards are more integrated and more complex, their manufacturing processes are becoming more challenging for production personnel, and the chances of defects and failures increase. Copper Based PCB manufacturer china.

Regardless of personal or commercial applications, PCB defects can have serious adverse consequences. For example, board failures in critical medical devices can be life-threatening, and problems with smartphones or car electronics can interfere with user activity.

Most of the defects in PCB manufacturing are caused by human error. In most cases, wrong production processes, incorrect placement of components, and unprofessional manufacturing specifications can result in up to 64% of avoidable product defects. PCB Design factory china.

Although every manufacturer or assembler wants to produce PCB boards without defects, there are several design and production processes that cause PCB board problems. Typical questions and results include the following:

Poor soldering can lead to short circuits, open circuits, cold solder joints, etc.
Misalignment of the plies can lead to poor contact and poor overall performance
Poor insulation of copper traces can cause arcing between traces and traces
The copper trace is too tight between the path and the risk of short circuit is easy
Insufficient thickness of the board will lead to bending and breaking. Line Card factory china.

There are too many pits that engineers have encountered, and Xiaobian is not listed here.

but! The focus is coming! Solve it when you have a problem, learn the lesson and avoid it!