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Japanese PCB Production Shrinks for 6 Months

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-03-29 10:45:38

According to statistics released by the Japan Electronics Packaging Circuits Association (JPCA) on the 22nd, in January 2018, the output of printed circuit boards (PCBs; hardboard + soft board + module substrates) in Japan decreased by 3.7% from the same month last year to 1.147 million square meters. For the sixth consecutive month, there was a contraction; the output grew by 2.5% to 37.435 billion yen, which showed an increase for the fourth consecutive month. 

In terms of categories, the global PCB quick proofing service provider, “Jidoo”, learned that in January, Rigid PCB production decreased by 0.8% from the same month last year to 811,000 square meters, the second time in three months. The output grew by 1.5% to 24.084 billion yen, showing an increase for the fourth consecutive month.

It is understood that Flexible PCB production has dropped by 13.6% to 273,000 square meters, which has shrunk for the eighth consecutive month. Output has dropped 3.1% to 4.627 billion yen, the first time in three months. 

According to reports, the output of module substrates in Japan grew by 9.0% to 62,000 square meters, which rose for the 15th consecutive month; the output grew by 8.7% to 8.722 billion yen, which was the seventh consecutive month of growth.

According to Jidobong, Japan’s main PCB suppliers are Ibiden, CMK, NOK’s Nippon Mektron, Fujikura, Shinko, and Meiko.

CMK previously announced that due to the popularity of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the next-generation models, the market for boosting automotive PCBs continues to expand. Therefore, its subsidiary in Thailand "CMK Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd." will Invested about 5 billion yen in the existing factory plant to add new vehicle PCB plant and expand production line, and the above new production line is expected to be started in December 2018, which will increase the production capacity of the Thai plant by about 25% .

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