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Is Your Printed Circuit Board Supplier a Good One?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2018-01-04 14:45:54
Are you in need of a good supplier for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)?
The truth is that every year, many companies try to find ways of reducing costs in the supply chain. In fact, some people have traveled the world looking for quality direct suppliers but not finding and selecting a good printed circuit board supplier that they are comfortable with.Sometimes, it can take years to find a high-quality printed circuit board supplier, which is frustrating and expensive.
If you are currently looking fora supplier of PCBs, one that you can trust, be sure to consider the potential risks before you make the hiring decision. 

Trading Companies– The majority of suppliers of PCBs that you would meet at trade shows and those you hear from via email are not actually suppliers. Instead, they are what is referred to as trading companies, meaning they quote your product to anyone and everyone who has ownership in or a link to a Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer.
In addition, they are not the factory and do not directly represent the factory. 
However, if any factories they know of cannot provide what you need, they will do everything possible to find one that will, regardless of their capabilities. This means that you could easily connect with a factory that knows nothing about what you do. Ultimately, your product ends up in the UL data of someone else due to documentation being fabricated.
Inadequate Supply Chain Control– Whether a trading company or direct printed circuit boards supplier, if you do not have any information about them or spend time with them in person, be prepared to be possibly be scammed or cheated. 

These are just two examples of the many potential issues that happen when trying to find a direct supplier of PCBs. This is why you should always hire a company with a solid reputation, one that has experience and expertise in this area.
By doing so, you will not only improve your company’s profitability, but you will end up with happy customers and increased confidence in yourself and your business decision making.