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Introduction to Room Usage in PCB

2019-05-17 15:44:49
What is Room?
Room is a space divided on the PCB, which is used to lay out a part of the whole circuit (sub-circuit) in the Room, so that this part of the circuit components is limited to the layout of the Room, and the circuit in the Room can be specially set. Wiring rules. Placing a Room on the PCB Editor is especially suitable for multi-channel circuits to simplify PCB board design.

Take the example of setting a separate line width:
Set a separate line width in the Room
(1) First place the Room, execute the “Design” → Room command in the menu bar, you can manually place the Room, and you can also automatically create a Room from the selected device.

(2) Place the Room to the desired location, such as placing a Room on the BGA and name it Room1. HDI PCB manufacturer china

(3) Press the shortcut key D+R to open the PCB rule and constraint editor, create a new line width rule, and set constraints for the room just placed. The object setting rule syntax in Room is WithinRoom('Room name'). Set the line width of the Room to 4mil . Halogen free pcb factory china

(4) This ensures that the line width in the Room area is 4 mils, and the line width outside the Room area is the line width set for the entire board.

In addition, after selecting a certain area in the Room, it is not only possible to set the line width rule separately, but also set any rules on the PCB rule definition page.