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How to set the breakaway tab width of printed circuit board.

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-03-31 11:00:08
  During the process of printed circuit board,reserve breakaway tab is of great significance for SMT processing. Breakaway TAB is for the sake of auxiliary plug-in be out of tune, which is on both sides of the PCB board or sides increased, mainly in order to assist the production, is not part of the PCB board, it is can get rid of after finished production.
  Due to the breakaway tab will consume more PCB board material, that will increase the overall cost of PCB, so we need to balance economic and availability when we design to add the breakaway tab. Aiming at some special shape of PCB, skillfully  through panelized  to simplified the PCB which originally reserved two or four breakaway tabs. When design the panel in the SMT process, we should fully consider the track width of SMT machine.
  The flatness of breakaway tab is also an important part of PCB production., we need ensure the smooth of breakaway tab when remove it, especially for PCB assembly required high accuracy.