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How to make a printed board before there is no PCB board factory?01

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-05-11 21:00:02

1. Engraving method

This method is the most direct. The designed copper foil pattern was overwritten with carbon paper on the surface of the copper-clad copper foil. The special engraving tool grinded with the hacksaw blade was used to describe the copper foil pattern directly along the edges of the copper foil pattern, cutting it to the depth as far as possible. Then tear away the unwanted copper foil outside the pattern, and then drill it with a hand drill. The key to this method is: the intensity of the sculpting should be enough; to tear off the excess copper foil from the edge of the board, when the operation is good, it can be gradually teared into pieces, you can use a small needle nose pliers to complete this step. Some small circuit experiments are suitable for this method.

2. Manual drawing method

It is to use pens to draw the printed graphics directly on the copper clad plate, and then carry out chemical etching and other steps. This method appears to be simple, and the actual operation is not easy! Now the electronic components are small, the pitch of the pins is smaller (in the order of millimeters), the copper foil traces are also small, and the lines drawn are still difficult to modify. Draw a board like this to see your writing. Experience is that the choice of "pigment" and brush is critical. I myself used red nail polish in a medical syringe and painted a circuit board. It worked well, but the tip of the needle had to be properly processed. It was also mentioned that the paint tablet was soluble in anhydrous alcohol and the duckbill pen was used to draw. The specific method is as follows: :

A piece of paint (that is, shellac, sold in chemical raw materials stores) is dissolved in three parts of anhydrous alcohol, and is stirred appropriately. After all of the ingredients are dissolved, a few drops of medical purple water (gentian violet) are added to make it appear. A certain color, after stirring evenly, can be used as a protective paint to draw the circuit board.

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