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Future growth opportunities for domestic PCB manufacturers

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-09-28 14:21:20

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The printed circuit board is a substrate for forming inter-point connections and assembling electronic components on a general-purpose substrate according to a predetermined design. The main function is to form various electronic components to form a predetermined circuit connection, and to function as a relay transmission. The mother of the name. PCBs are required for all electronic equipment or products, making their   downstream demand continuous and stable.

Why is the PCB sector going up against the trend? We know that certainty is the most important factor in stock investment when the market is not good, and the PCB sector is such a sector with certain opportunities. It is expected that the growth opportunities of domestic PCB manufacturers will come from several aspects:

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(1) Structural opportunities in the industry: 1 environmental factors superimposed on rising raw materials, leading to the exit of small and medium-sized manufacturers, and the decline in profitability of Taiwanese companies on the 2nd, and the expansion of production, the alternative opportunities brought about by the combination of the two;

(2) Product structural opportunities: technological advancement leads to improved product structure and profitable opportunities brought about by the increase in the proportion of high value-added products;(oem pcb board Printed company)

(3) Trending opportunities: The marginal opportunities brought by the growth of the entire PCB industry, including 5G, automotive electronics, etc.