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Can the PCB be traced at an acute angle?

2019-10-08 10:05:03
Whether the PCB can be traced at an acute angle, the answer is no, regardless of whether the acute angle trace will have a negative impact on the high-speed signal transmission line, from the PCB DFM, it should avoid the situation of acute angle routing. Unsymmetrical Layup Strcture.

Because the PCB wires intersect at an acute angle, it causes a problem called acid traps, oh? Sour beans? Ok, old wu likes sour bean noodles, but the horn on the pcb here is an annoying thing. In the pcb board process, in the pcb line etching step, the "acid traps" will cause excessive corrosion of the pcb line, causing the problem of the pcb line being broken. HEAVY COPPER BOARD manufacturer china.

Although we can use the CAM 350 for DFF Audit to automatically detect the potential problem of “acid traps”, avoiding the processing bottleneck in the PCB manufacturing process. If the PCB board technician detects the presence of an acid trap, they will Simply attach a piece of copper to the gap. Engine Power Module manufacturer china.

Well, we think that many of the board's engineering staff do not understand the layout, they just repair the acid trap from the perspective of PCB engineering processing, but will this repair bring Further signal integrity issues are not known, so we should try to avoid acid traps at the source from the source.

How to avoid sharp angles when pulling wires, causing acid trap DFM problems? Modern EDA design software (such as Cadence Allegro, Altium Designer, etc.) has a complete Layout routing option. We are in the layout line. The flexible use of these auxiliary options can greatly avoid the occurrence of "production" in the layout.