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Do you know the advantage of Aluminum base pcb?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-05-26 09:57:00
At present, many double-sided and multi-layer board interconnect density, coupled with the placement of components of power, heat is difficult to emit, and Aluminum base pcb in china can solve the problem. This article mainly to introduce double-sided and multi-layer aluminum base pcb.

1,double-sided, multi-layer metal substrate structure and heat dissipation principle

Metal substrate mainly through heat conduction, heat radiation in two ways to heat, when the electronic components (such as LED) work fever, through the line layer of copper foil to the thermal conductivity of plastic, and then transferred to the metal from the insulating medium, from the metal block to Outside the distribution of heat, so the insulating medium is an important bridge for metal substrate cooling.

The thermal conductivity of each material is as follows:

Aluminum: about 200 W / M.K.

Ordinary FR4 Insulation medium: approx. 0.35W / M.K.

High thermal insulation medium: 1.5 W / M.K, 2.0 W / M.K, 3.0 W / M.K.

We can clearly see the advantages of aluminum base pcb, so it is widely used in lighting, medical, consumer electronics, power, communications, aerospace and other fields.

2, double-sided, multi-layer aluminum base pcb advantage

-Basically does not affect the normal PCB wiring requirements.

-Evenly heat dissipation .

-Can increase the rigidity of PCB.

Aluminum base pcb often as  the most commonly used PCB in LED lighting industry, if you want to know more about aluminum, please contact us. We have the best Aluminum base pcb in china.