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Cooperation without borders, full support.


Full integration into the international electronics market, O-Leading has built strategic partnership with global top brands such as Microsoft, Hitachi, Sanyo, Foxconn, Emerson, Honeywell, Logitech, and so on.


O-Leading’s efficient and professional marketing and customer service teams provide a full range of quality services extending the business channels to all of global electronics manufacturing distribution bases. Professional sales staff are familiar with the operating mode of different electronic industries to ensure to provide customers with timely and suitable service, to solve the problems quickly and effectively with different positions, such as: SQE, purchase, quality control, IQC under sincere cooperation,.


Fast and accurately provide 24-hour professional services such as quotation, online product tracking, information exchange, document requirements. Fully use e-commerce such as email, business platform such as GIobal Sources and foreign exhibitions to develop business.


Successful expanding into different types of new markets to meet today's ever-changing needs of high-tech electronic products, such as the LED used in consumer electronics, automotive products, etc.; high-voltage power supply used in high-power power amplifiers, central computer server, large-scale industrial control and communications terminal base stations; communications equipment used in 3G high-frequency microwave signal transmission base stations, power amplifiers, filters, replicators, etc. These high value-added positioning strategies will bring direct benefits and technical value-added to O-Leading and build solid foundation for future high-tech competition to make us healthy development.